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Non-contact X-ray measurement systems for Paper, plastics, rubber, ceramics and metals - hot mills, cold mills, and on process lines.

Roll Force Measurement systems, on-board rail car scale, Ladle Weigh modules, conveyor systems, and the "monster size" platform scale, Weigh-In-Motion Scrap Scale, Billet Weighing With Torch Cutting Controls, Batching, Billet/Bloom, Scrap Blending for the Steel Industry and the Omni Scale Digital Diagnostic System

ir Bearing Shape meters Interst and Flatness Roll

Spray Systems

Filtration Systems


Crop Optimisation & Control Camber Measurement

Manifest Shape Measurement

Width Gauges, Thermo-profile Gauges

Wire Rod & Bar gauges, Laser Profile gauges

Edge Defect Detection


Non-contact measurement technologies for both in-process dimensional monitoring, control and sample inspection of products such as wire, cable, fiber optics, rubber and plastic, hose, tube and pipe.

ladle slag detection, optical slag detection, extreme vision systems, yield optimization services
Marking machines for slabs, plates, billet, coil, strip, pipe , Oil film bearing
Paling Transporters & Pallet Trucks: Slag transport system vessel travelling position.
Mechanically driven self elevating transporter for steel Industry. with load capacities ranging from 50 to 350 tonnes
Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Generating System Reciprocating Compressor
Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Generating System, utilizing the exhaust pressure and heat from the blast furnace of steel mill as its energy source.  Process compressor for blast furnace. Axial flow compressors, Blowers for air service in Blast Furnace
DH Series SKV Series
Centrifugal Compressor , Reciprocating Compressor , MS Pump, Blast furnace blowers

Carbon Block for Blast furnace, Torpedo Laddle Car For Blast furnace, Hydraulic Mud Gun And Drilling Machine For Blast Furnace, Coke Oven Gas Booster /Exhauster, Sinter Plant Fans, Insert Bearing, Cold Rolling Mills, Tandem Mill, Forged Back Up Rolls For Plate Mill, Rolls For Universal Rail Mill , Section Mill And Pipe Mill, Pipe Plant, Compressed Air Station, Automatic Mould Level Indicator

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Furnace Transformer 100 ~ 70,000kVA, High Voltage Induction Motor Voltage: 3,300V ~ 13,800V Capacity: 0.5kW~15,000kW. Mill Motors

Hydraulic Press - 9000 ton Capacity , Open Die Forging Press, Closed Die Forging Press, Special Press, Extrusion Press

Jolting Machine ,Automated Molding System , Greensand Molding Technology, Core Production Machines, Automated Molding Systems, Standard Molding Machines, Flasks, Aluminum Casting Systems, No-Bake Systems, Lüber Gas Generators, Casting Wedge, Robotic Applications, Briquetting Systems, Casting Trimming Systems Casting Test Lines

Steel Cutting Abrasive Saws and Carbide Saws, Abrasive Cut Off Saws

Slab Grinders, Billet Grinders, Belt Grinders, Carbide Saws, Cutoff Saws, Abrasive Saws, Batch Cuting Saws, Non-Ferrous Saws, Conditioning Grinders & Handling Equipment, Rail Cutting / Drilling Equipment,
Up gradation of Sendzimir Mills, planetary hot strip mills that can roll slabs in hot rolled coils
Strapping Machine
Coil Packaging Line for Aluminum, Steel. Steel sheet product, automatic steel sheet packaging line. Slitting Line
Pallet Plant, Electrostatic Liquid and powder deposition technology - Electrostatic Oiling System for Strip Steel, Combined Oiler / Annealing Powder Applicator,
Cast rolls for the steel and non ferrous industries, to meet the specific requirements of hot rolling mills producing round and shaped bars, wire rod, strip, tube, small and medium sections of all types.
Roller hearth reheating furnaces for concaster & rolling mill, Pulverized Coal Injection for BF, Compact II type BLT charging system for 250m3  BF and above, Hot Metal Desulphurizing Device, Pipe -link Water-cooling Equipment, Hydraulic & Lubricating Products, Hydraulic Mud guns, Tap Hole Drilling Machine, Sinter Plant, Coal Dust Injection Plant. Hydrostatic Emulsion Treater
Colada continua Hornos de arco eléctrico en el equipamiento mecánico
Buckets, Loading and transportation of steel Electric arc furnaces, Ladle furnace, Continuous casting,  Bar & Merchant Mill, roughing stands, rolling mill for flat and rounds,  Roughing and Intermediate Stands. Stand mills
Turn Key Pipeline Services designs, fabricates, supplies and installs equipment for the handling and coating of steel pipe used worldwide in the oil, gas and water industries.
Shroud tube manipulator Type MP

Spray Machines, Spray manipulator, Shroud tube manipulator, casting machines, Powder feeding systems, Concrete machine, Recycling appliance, Burn out stations, Cleaning manipulator, Temperature & sample taking manipulator, Hopper system, E-furnace cooling

Heavy Duty AC motors with in-house coils manufacturing up to 13.8 KV and 100 ton crane capacity, DC motors for steel plate rolling Mills
Cranes , Rolling Mill, Strip Mill, Train Wheel Axle, Refractory material, Gear box assembly, φ9mφ5m gear hobbing machine Suspension cranes, 300t tilting device for converter

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