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Complete Rig Products: Land rigs, Workover rigs, Truck mounted drilling rigs

Power & Control Products: Engine/Gen sets, SCR Systems, AC VFD Systems, Electronic Driller, Complete Integrated Drilling & Monitoring Systems, Offshore Platform living quarters
Top drive, Traveling Block, Rotary Table, Crown Block, Mast, Draw-works, Mud Pumps
Directional Drilling Motors for downhole drilling-Mud Lubricated Design, High voltage motors and generators.
Kelly Spinner, Tongs, elevators, Slips, Rotary Swivels, Kelly Swivel, Centralizer, Casings, Tubings, Cross-overs, Couplings, NMDC, Stabilizers, Drill Collars, drill pipes, fishing tools, handling tools choke valves, drill bits
Progressive cavity pumps, electrical submersible pumps, Completion equipment and accessories, Cementing units and services,
Choke and Kill Manifolds, X-Mass Tree, Wireline Winches, wireline tools and services.  Coil Tubing Units, Coil Tubing strings, Coil tubing reels, Logging equipments, Nitrogen generators, Cementing units, Fracturing unit
Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) for treatment of produced water
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Liquid and Gas hydrocarbon metering systems for: Offshore Platforms, Pig Smelters & receivers
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