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  OIL & GAS - Midstream
Provides design, engineering, equipment and installation of vapor phase carbon adsorption systems, using activated carbon or zeolite adsorbents for solvent recovery and VOC emission control.  Activated Carbon Absorption based Vapour Recovery System for Marine Loading Jetty, Truck & Lorry Loading & Storage Facilities.
Natural gas business
Provide Technologies like Vapour recovery system, Sulphur recovery system (SRU), Gas seperation plant, leak detection system for gas pipeline

Gas Compression , Gas Metering Units , Co2 process units
Gas Oil Separation Units , Gas Gathering Stations , Booster compressors for pipeline
Centrifugal Blower, Ethylene Blower, Cold Expander / Compressor, Boil Off Gas Compressor, Gas Heaters & LNG Vapourizer, Refrigeration System, Regasification System for LNG carriers.
Twin Screw Pumps for mixtures of crude oil, gas, water and ultrafine solids occurring in oil production, Pump packages, Centrifugal Pump, Cryogenic/LNG Submerged Motor Pumps, Boiler feed pump, Booster pump, Charging pump, coke cutting pump
Reactors in material SA336-F22, SA336-F22V, FA 336-F3V, etc, Columns, Hydrogenating Reactor,  , Boiler, Switchyard
Finned tube Heat Exchangers ,  Air-Cooled Heat Exchange, Slug Catcher, Pressure and Atmospheric Vessels, Explosion proof CCTV surveillance system.
Line Pipes, Sub sea pipelines and inspections, Pigging services with pig launchers, receivers, Launcher & Receiver Pig traps
Filtration Systems,  Automatically Backwash Filter , Separators,  Feed Filter Package, Bag Filter, Cartridge Filter, Sieve Filters Industrial Electrical Heaters
Metal Seated Ball Valves for Feed Filter Application in FCC Units, Single & Double disk Slide Valve, Ball valves, Subsea Ball Valve, Double Block & Bleed Plug Valves, Pressure Balance  Plug Valve,
Flares Valves,  Flow Tee, Scraper Traps, Steel Structures , Fire Fighting Systems
42inch Hottap Tiein on 102inch CMLC pipe.
Pipeline Ball Valves, Hot tapping Unit,  Piping Prefabrication Skids

All types of Cranes, Dozers, Loaders, pipe layers
Gas / Diesel Engine driven Pump Package ( Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Plug-in type ) for Crude Oil and Product Pipeline
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