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  OIL & GAS - Downstream
Elliott TH-140 Expander in FCC Service steam turbine Elliott Company
Power recovery expansion turbine, Steam turbines, Gas Turbine, Turbochargers, Micro-turbines
oil-free process gas screw compressor (stationary) 600 - 120.000 m/h | VM Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH high pressure reciprocating compressor (stationary) Howden BC Compressors
Multi-stage centrifugal gas compressor, Reciprocating Compressors & packages H2, O2, C2H4, N2, H2, NH3, C3H6, CO2 Gases, Air and screw compressor packages for Well Head, Gathering, Injection, Coal-bed Methane, Storage, Tertiary Recovery.

Axial Gas Compressors, Packages of rotary gas compressors, Boil Off Gas Compressor, Process refrigeration & gas compression packages, PSA Nitrogen / PSA Hydrogen Units
Centrifugal Blower, Blower: Gas-tight and zero-leakage fans and blowers, spark resistant construction, code welding, API 673 specifications. RL Pressure Blower, Surgeless Centrifugal Blowers, Ethylene Blower
Radial Tip Fan Features Diagram
High temperature recirculation axial flow fans used in Heat Recovery Incineration, Air Pollution, Waste-to-Energy, Boiler Operations, Fluidized Bed, Combustion Air Process Air, Industrial Dampers for high speed fan equipment, Industrial Exhauster, Air Foil , Axial Flow , Backward Curve , Backward Inclined, Forward Curve , Paddle Wheel (PW) , Pre-Engineered (PE), Radial Blade ,

Twin Screw Pumps for mixtures of crude oil, gas, water and ultrafine solids occurring in oil production, LOADING tankers and on all ships at engine room pumps to convey diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil and as main lubricating pumps to supply the main engines. Pump packages, Centrifugal Pump, Bare Shaft pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps fire foam compound, lubricating & fuel oils (to 40 Bar pressure), Twin Screw Pumps for fire foam injection, Cryogenic/LNG Submerged Motor Pumps.

Gas / Diesel Engine driven Pump Package ( Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Plug-in type ) for Crude Oil and Product Pipeline, High Pressure Surface Pumping Solutions
Coke Cutting System, Coke Heading / Un-heading system for Coker, Coke Drum, Fractionators, Heater Charge Pumps, Coke Handling System
suspended_modulo Tank cleaning installation
Pneumatic hoist, hydraulic winches, Traction Hoists, Suspended Platforms, Permanent Platform, Special Platforms, Double-deck angled platform, Circular platform, Multiple angled platform, Cable stayed bridges
Finned tube Heat Exchangers ,  Air-Cooled Heat Exchange, Slug Catcher, Pressure and Atmospheric Vessels, Explosion proof CCTV surveillance system.
Filtration Systems,  Automatically Backwash Filter , Separators, Industrial Electrical Heaters
Reformer Tubes, Radiant Coils, Cold Collectors, Manifolds, for Refinery/Petrochemicals & Fertiliser industries , Flares Valves,  Flow Tee, Scraper Traps, Steel Structures , Fire Fighting Systems,
LNG heating tower SPX Cooling Technologies
Gas Heaters & LNG Vapourizer, Regasification System for LNG carriers, Activated Carbon Absorption based Vapour Recovery System for Marine Loading Jetty, Marine loading Arms
FCC CYCLONES FOR REFINERIES Fourth Stage system Diplegs
Ultra High Efficiency Cyclones for Refinery/Petrochemical industries, Reactor Regenerator Cyclone, Third Stage Separator System, Fourth Stage Cyclone System and Critical Orifice Valve & Cyclone System for FCC Units. Scrubbers, Packed Bed Scrubber, Fabric Collectors
Metal Seated Ball Valves for Feed Filter Application in FCC Units, Single & Double disk Slide Valve, Ball valves, Double Block & Bleed Plug Valves, Pressure Balance  Plug Valve
Filtration Systems,  Automatically Backwash Filter , Separators,  Feed Filter Package, Bag Filter, Cartridge Filter, Sieve Filters Industrial Electrical Heaters
Disc Pastillator drum flaker
Drum flakers, Disc Pastillator, Automatic Bagging & Palletising Machines
All types of construction Cranes, Dozers, Loaders

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