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CS Boom

Manufactured by M/s Applied Fabric Technologies Inc (AFTI), mainly for emergency response and semi-permanent barriers. Globe Boom® is based on a conventional design. The semi-spherical floats allow compact storage, unparalleled flexibility, and convenient handling features. Exclusive Globe fabrics provide superior strength and abrasion resistance compared to similarly priced competitive products.

Main Features
Proven semi-spherical float design with built-in handles
Our float design allows
  Compact storage
  Easy handling
  Quick repairs
  Quick and easy storage & launching (since Globe Boom can roll up on a reel for fast
   deployment & recovery)
Proven durability: Our floats are extremely abrasion and crush resistant
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Manufactured by AFTI, these booms are highly durable, functional, yet compact barriers for permanent or continuous use. Many users have found that OILFENCE™ booms are also extremely effective in emergency response situations under a broad range of sea, wind, and current conditions. Due to their proven longevity, OILFENCE™ booms are often far more economical than other comparably sized booms in today's market.

Main Features
  CORROSION-FREE PEFORMANCE due to durable, synthetic plastic components
  EASE OF INSTALLATION AND TOWING with "quick secure", unisex end connectors
  SIMPLE ROUTINE MAINTENANCE because of practical, symmetrical design
  FOUR INTERCONNECTABLE DRAFT/FREEBOARD HEIGHTS to fit your installation conditions
  OUTSTANDING BUOYANCY from urethane foam filled, cast polyethylene float
  HIGH STABILITY in chop, wind, and tidal currents
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AFTI's "CS" booms are available in various sizes and configurations providing economical yet durable containment.

Main Features of a Low front end cost for a better grade contractor boom
  Standard, or made-to-order, dimensions
  Specialty booms for agri- & aqua-culture, industrial settings and environmental restoration
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