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Complete BTG Products:  

Complete EPC solutions for Power plant up to 660 MW coal based thermal power plant with Chinese collaborator

Complete EPC solutions for Biomass based plants in Rice husk, Bagasse and other with COGEN type up to 50 MW

Complete turnkey package solutions for power plant up to 660 MW coal based thermal power plants thru China/Ukraine collaborators

Complete STG package up to 350  MW coal based thermal power plants

Complete STG packages up to 50 MW in biomass based power plants 



Induced Draft, Forced Draft and PA fans up to 800 MW size thermal power plant in coal China and Korean supplier


Boiler feed pump, condensate pumps, cooling water pumps up to 800 MW size thermal power plants  thru Chinese collaborators


Gas turbine up to 125 MW, HRSG up to 100 MW and Gas engine up to 1 MW thru from US/China/Ukraine suppliers


Hydro Power plant complete EPC solutions up to 200 MW thru Chinese collaborators

Hydro turbines and generators packages, penstocks, valves, governing systems up to 80 MW unit sizes thru China/Ukraine/Brazil suppliers

Hydro power plants complete control systems up to 200 MW plants thru China



Diesel engine power plant up to 1 MW and Biogas based power plants up to 10 MW in EPC basis thru China/Ukraine suppliers



Condenser, deaearators, feed heaters, desuperheaters, preheaters, superheaters, reheaters and Economizers for coal based thermal power plants up to 660MW from Korean supplier

Hydraulic Governing control systems, HP/IP Governing and Gas admission valves, Main oil pumps up to 350 MW steam turbines from China  

Solar PV based plants up to 10 MW in EPC basis from China

Solar PV modules up to 100 MW size plants in poly and mono crystalline from China


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